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When lines get crossed

Whether you and another party are claiming ownership of the same property, or you feel your condominium board is imposing unfair standards, call us. We love a challenge.

Call us with any questions regarding real estate law.


There's no place like home, especially when it's yours

Life is full of big decisions. The decision to purchase real estate is the biggest one you'll ever make. The last thing you want is something or someone standing in the way of you and the keys to your castle.


Aubuchon, Buescher, Goodale, & Bardot, LLC is here for you. We'll make sure the terms of your sale, lease, or purchase are 100% above board.

The dream team is in your house

Buying a house is full of surprises. Don't let a contested title be one of them. Call us before you buy.

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Real estate law:  

  -   Residential or commercial property

  -   Title searches

  -   Rental contracts

  -   Construction law

  -   Mortgage and foreclosure

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