Aubuchon, Buescher, & Goodale, LLC

When "til death do us part" doesn't work out

You walked down the aisle and promised to love, honor, and cherish. Somewhere along the line, that promise was broken. Aubuchon, Buescher, Goodale, & Bardot, LLC can help you understand your rights and pick up the pieces.


If you're facing a divorce, we'll stand up for you so you can walk away with everything you're rightfully entitled to, including your dignity.

  -   Division of assets

  -   Child support

  -   Custody and visitation

  -   Spousal Maintenance

  -   Paternity suits

Divorce and family law:

Child Custody

Your children are your world. Don't let the judicial process intimidate you into giving up those precious moments with your family.  Let us protect what matters most to you.

If you already have a custody or support order that is no longer working, call Aubuchon, Buescher, Goodale, & Bardot, LLC. We can draft a modification that works for everyone involved.

Nothing is carved in stone

Ending a marriage is never easy. Get an objective set of eyes on your situation. Call for a consultation:


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