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We can work it out when you can't

Anytime a dispute can't be resolved between the parties involved, that's the time to call a civil law firm like Aubuchon, Buescher, Goodale, & Bardot, LLC.


We'll bring all our resources to the table to settle your case quickly and economically.

You haven't got time for the pain, especially if someone else

caused it. Call

Aubuchon, Buescher, Goodale,

                         & Bardot, LLC.


There's only you and me and we just disagree

If you have a dispute and aren't sure which direction to take, we can help!

Petty disputes can get ugly fast. Be proactive. Call Aubuchon, Buescher, Goodale, & Bardot, LLC before things get out of hand.

Civil law:

Get hurt in an auto accident? Don't add insult to injury. Call us to stand up for you!

  -   Landlord/tenant disputes

  -   Property disputes

  -   Criminal negligence

  -   Personal injury

  -   Breach of contract

  -   Business disputes

  -   Wrongful termination

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